Our Services


  • Comprehensive Guidance and Assistance in obtaining licenses for cannabis-related businesses. 
  • Closely working with clients to ensure that all licensing requirements are met. (From initial application through ongoing compliance)
  • Personalized support from an experienced team and expert businesses to help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape.


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Social Equity & Diversity Inclusion

  •  Promoting diversity and supporting social equity applicants in the NYS cannabis industry
  • Providing support and resources to minority businesses, startup's  and indaviduals in the cannabis industry 
  • Working with companies to create policies and programs that foster an environment of equal opportunity and fairness for all employees, regardless of their background or identity.
  • Helping businesses develop strategies for recruitment, training, and retention of a diverse workforce, and to address issues of social equity and inclusivity in all aspects of client operations.


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Business Funding, Structure & Growth

  • GCM provides comprehensive support to cannabis-related businesses, helping them to secure funding, optimize their organizational structure, and achieve sustainable growth. 
  • Working closely with clients to identify funding opportunities and develop effective strategies for raising capital, while also providing guidance on key organizational and operational issues.
  • Focusing on long-term success, we help individuals and businesses build a solid foundation for growth and achieve their full potential in the competitive NYS legal cannabis industry.
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Regulatory Compliance

Our Regulatory Compliance service provides expert guidance and support to cannabis-related businesses in New York State, helping them to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and maintain compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Our experienced team works closely with clients to identify and understand applicable regulations and develop effective strategies for achieving and maintaining compliance, from licensing and permitting to product safety and labeling requirements. With a focus on risk management and best practices, we help businesses to minimize legal and operational risks and ensure ongoing success in the highly-regulated cannabis industry.

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Other Services & Opportunities

Web Development

Web Development: Our Web Development service provides cannabis-related businesses with a full range of services to establish a strong online presence. Our experienced team works with clients to develop and implement effective website design and development strategies that are both visually appealing and user-friendly, while also ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

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Compliant Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Compliant Social Media Marketing & Advertising: Our Compliant Social Media Marketing & Advertising service helps cannabis-related businesses to effectively engage with customers and drive growth through social media channels, while maintaining compliance with advertising rules and regulations. We provide tailored social media marketing and advertising services, helping businesses to create compelling, compliant digital experiences and maximize their online impact.

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GCM's Industry Network

Golden Cannabis Consulting provides expert advice and guidance to cannabis business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive services including business strategy, financial analysis, marketing, and operations support. We strive to ensure the success of our clients' cannabis businesses, helping them to maximize their potential and reach their goals.
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